Our Story

Hi there, welcome to Dad Hours!

My name is Brandon Swan and I’m a 5 x CrossFit Games athlete, a firefighter, and most importantly, a very proud dad and husband.

My son is now four years old and, in the time since he has been born, I have had to majorly adjust various aspects of my life on numerous occasions. The biggest shift being from a selfish professional athlete who trains all day, to a full time stay at home dad, a role that required the utmost selflessness and focus on another human being.

I had to find ways to get the most out of myself and to maximise the opportunities I had by training smarter, not longer, often before the sun came up or long after everyone else was getting ready to go to bed, because that was the only time I had. Those hours affectionately became known as my Dad Hours.

What started as me simply posting some of my workouts at strange times in my garage on social media with the hashtag #dadhours quickly turned into a community of people who were resonating with me. More and more people were posting about their own Dad Hours, and it became apparent that there were so many more of you out there: parents and busy people in general who were doing their best to make time for themselves and challenge themselves on a daily basis, whilst juggling all of the other aspects of a busy life: children, spouses, jobs, businesses and home projects. 

Whilst there are numerous programs out there for competitive athletes, there aren’t too many with the ultra-busy person in mind. I still want to push myself hard everyday and continue to improve, but I no longer have all the hours in the day to do it.

What I found over the past couple of years is that you don’t need all that time, nor do you even need tremendous amounts of equipment. Some of my toughest and most rewarding sessions have been done with nothing but a few bodyweight exercises and a pair of dumbbells.

This is why Dad Hours was born. I have discovered through trial and error how to get the very best out of myself on a limited schedule and at times, with limited equipment, and now I want to show you how you can do the same.